How To Use A Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch?


Timex Ironman Triathlon watch tells time in analog as well as digitally along with being a health and activity monitor. The Ironman is not only the brand name of Timex group for this monitoring system but also a triathlon event which can be used by triathletes for training. There are various models, but each one has multiple buttons that can start a different function, all these can be viewed on an LCD. The usage and setting up of this watch is relatively easy and can be done in a few minutes. Before you configure your watch, here are a few things you should do.

Read the manual: To find out the various functions that this watch has, check the user’s manual. The Timex Ironman Triathlon watch like most other ironman models has four buttons around the front of the watch and one under the display. The left button is for settings and the right for functions. The one below the screen is for Start/Stop.

Set the time: At the left bottom is the Mode button which displays the various modes available in the watch. When you press that button the display flashes ‘Time’ mode. Next, press and hold the top left button to switch to the ‘Setup’ mode. Now you can move the time forward or backward to set the right time. Look through all the available options using the bottom button on the right. When you are done with all the options, the press of the top right button will set the time.

Setting the alarm, lap counter, and timer: The Mode option that you traversed to for setting time is used to set the alarm, lap counter, and the timer. Click on the bottom left button until the mode you need is displayed, then use the button on the watch face to increase and the button below that to reduce the duration. If you are satisfied with the setting, press the left top button, and this will set up the desired mode.

Using the Chronograph: This feature is used by triathletes to monitor their performance. It is available in the ‘Mode’ button and traverses through the options till you find the Chronograph. This displays a screen, press the button for ‘Start/Stop’ to start timing your activity. You can also record the lap times or split time by using the ‘Split/Reset’ button. Press from Start/Stop button will pause recording, to resume the same button needs to use. Reset of the time can be done by ‘Split/Reset’ button.

All the features can be started and stopped using the button on the watch face. The Mode button is used to highlight as well as activate the features and then press Start.
When the lighting is bad, and you are unable to see the display, the right top button will set the Indigo or night glow. Pressing the button twice will turn it off. Ensure you check if the device you are using is water-resistant so that you can use it while swimming.

This Is How A Bad Web Host Affects Your Business

The internet is filled with guides, articles, and primers on good web hosts and the importance of choosing the correct one for your business. What it slacks on is the things that happen if the wrong web host is picked. For business owners, the significances of great content have been emphasized on, but not where this content lives, i.e., the web hosts. Companies realize that the website, blog and social media platforms are excellent venues to engage existing and potential customers. But, they fail to see the pitfalls of a bad web host.
The knownhost guide at Bit Pak will tell you the value addition an excellent hosting provides. can give you a long list of things to keep in mind when web host shopping. Here, the spotlight would be on the consequences of not evaluating the needs of business before choosing a web host. The end goal of any trade is to build profit. Therefore, most of us pick the least expensive web host to curb on costs and end up with the wrong service provider. In the long run, this creates a massive detrimental blow to the baseline.

You are wondering how at this point; a low-cost web host will never be able to give a website the support it needs. The site will end up going down, if not frequently, then at least seldom. A non-working website loses potential customers and any existing clients who face the problem in real time. The problem is multiplied if the website also has an online store. This of all the revenue lost while the website is down. You miss on potential sales, therefore income. The loss of revenue hits hard, be it small or big.

Security is another aspect that is affected by the wrong choice of web host. A bad web host will not be able to restore a website to its previous condition in case of any crisis or disaster. What happens if a natural calamity occurs? What happens if the site gets hacked? What happens when the site crashes due to a technical glitch? Only a reputable web host would keep a backup in a remote location for just such instances. A backup makes restoring a site straightforward. Additionally, they will also provide technical support at all hours of the day and website maintenance periodically.
Though no web host can provide hundred percent guarantee when it comes to protection from malware attack or other problems, a reputable host will keep most of them at bay. One other negative impact of choosing the wrong web host is the SEO ranking of the website. For a site to show on the first page of a Google search it has rank high. A good SEO score ensures that customers and patrons can find the website easily. A website that is constantly down due to a bad host will have a bad SEO ranking. It is not just downtime that adversely impacts the rank of a website but also the time it takes to upload.

A Digital Marketing Strategy Is A Must In 2017

At we emphasize time and again the vital need of making and following a digital marketing strategy. A recent article in stated that 59% percent of online buyers in the United Kingdom made the mobile purchase. What does this number suggest? That more than 25 million customers are buying good using their Smartphone. To capture this customer base, it becomes vital for a company to have a strong digital presence and marketing strategy on all digital channels. We detail today some of the most important reasons for creating a digital strategy.

The foremost benefit is a purpose. When one creates a strategy, it is to reach a specific goal, and it is by achieving set aims and objectives that a business can boom. So, if you don’t have a digital strategy, you are anchorless when it comes to the potential online customer base. Because you don’t have an endgame, when it comes to online selling you don’t allocate resources to achieve them. Consequently, you lose a present customer by not creating a deeper relationship with them or lose new customers by not targeting them, Build an obvious and clear digital marketing approach to gain direction.

The way we sell in a traditional store is widely different from how we target customers online. This is because the profile of an online consumer and their behavior is very, very different from those of offline. The same applies to competitors and the way a business should communicate on digital platforms. By lacking a strategy specifically creating for online presence, you lack the understanding of the marketplace. This, in turn, means you not only miss understanding your customer but also loose what little online market share you may have had. To capture the dynamics of an online marketplace and be successful in holding the attention of online consumers, a specific online approach is a must.

Now, let’s say you do have a digital presence but still no clear cut strategy. How does that negatively impact your business? Working digital channels means targeting online consumer but by not allocating sufficient resources to e-strategy you may be targeting the wrong customer base or in an incorrect manner. This equates to bleeding resources in an area which can be highly profitable.  Give digital strategy its dues importance. Find a specialist in e-marketing. Create a well thought out plan and then execute it.

Another common disadvantage of not fashioning an e-marketing strategy is isolating digital efforts. The best way to leverage digital media is to make it work hand in hand with traditional channels. Without a comprehensible and focused digital strategy even a skilled digital marketer cannot gain much. By integrating e-marketing with conventional media, you build a stronger web of hold on your customers.

There is no doubt that if a business wants to catch up or stay a step ahead of not only its competitors but all top brands, an online presence is vital. In a world ruled by technology and internet being agile and competent in e-marketplace is essential.